Tips for presenters

General tips for authors

1) oral presentations
Speaking time: 8 minutes + 2 minutes for discussion

Registration and on-site presence is compulsory!

Presentation media: ppt

Please prepare your presentation in 4:3 aspect ratio.

All lecture rooms will be equipped with a PC and a data projector for PowerPoint presentations (version of PowerPoint will be 2016). Please note that the use of own laptops in the lecture rooms is not possible.

Speakers can review their presentation at the Speakers Service Centre (SSC), where it must be handed in by means of a USB stick or via their own laptop. It is essential for the smooth running of the conference that all speakers hand in their presentations the day before if possible, but at least one hour before the beginning of their sessions (not lectures).

In case the author listed first cannot present the abstract and is replaced by one of the co-authors, please inform the staff in the SSC and the chairs prior to the session. Please note that the time frame allocated for your presentation has to be exactly adhered to in order to allow attendance by the audience in different rooms during parallel sessions. Chairpersons are requested to be strict in respecting the timeframes.

2) e-poster presentations
Speaking time:  2 minutes + 3 minutes for discussion

Registration and on-site presence is compulsory!

Presentation media:       e-poster terminal (60-inch-screen)

Please prepare your e-poster in vertical format 9:16, resolution at least 2160×3840 pixel. Ideally, use a sans serif font.

3) Virtual e-poster presentations
For authors who cannot attend in person. Registration at reduced fee (virtual registration)!

In addition to your e-poster upload (see 2)) you can add an introduction of 2 minutes with an audio or video selfie which you produced with your mobile or video camera! This will be discussed during the guided e-poster session by the chair and tour audience.

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