Interviews with Prof M.G. Hennerici

You are welcome to listen to the interviews/messages from Prof. Michael Hennerici, ESC Chair, about the 25. European Stroke Conference in Venice, Italy 2016

Question 1:
 „25 years” European Stroke Conference, congratulations, what are the secrets for this great success of the most significant conference in the area of stroke research in Europe?

Prof. Hennerici answered:

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Question 2:
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the ESC and based on the merits of so many successful meetings in the past the “European Stroke Research Foundation- esrf” was created!  How does the foundation support the ESC?

Prof. Hennerici answered:

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Question 3:
The ESRF/ESC are independent from any lobbyism and organized influence how important is that for the future for scientific work?

Prof. Hennerici answered:

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Question 4:
What are the important topics we will hear  more about in Venice this year?

Prof. Hennerici answered:

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