Goodbye from Athens, Greece 2018

Goodbye from Kostas Spengos, Chair of the 27. ESC in Athens, Greece

The 27. European Stroke Conference in Athens is already history. In all aspects it was one of the best, if not the best, meetings of the last decade.
I wish to express my thanks to all the members of our faculty for their contribution and engagement and all congress participants for their active involvement.
It is really rewarding to listen to the warm and friendly comments from all sides.
The transformation of the ESC into a multidisciplinary open forum for all neighbouring disciplines that deal with all aspects of cerebrovascular disorders is proceeding faster than expected. The ESC dogma prevails. Namely, no interests, no politics, no influences, no exclusions. The fact that the ESC stays free and independent from any commercial, industrial or political interests and bias is highly appreciated by both faculty and audience.
This gives us immens power to continue the proud ESC tradition of almost 30 years. It will be a great challenge to plan our next meeting and keep the Athens standards!
See you then, in spring 2019 at the 28th European Stroke Conference!

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