European Stroke Research Foundation



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The “European Stroke Research Foundation” (esrf) is an independently incorporated registered non-profit charity in Kanton Basel-Stadt, Switzerland (CHE-445.245.675) created

(a) to promote basic and clinical sciences for the improvement of current knowledge and management about stroke and cerebrovascular diseases in a broad range of various aspects (eg pathophysiology, biology, diagnosis, acute treatment and prevention, rehabilitation and other stroke related issues),
(b) to facilitate institutional and individual communication of scientific contributions in conferences, workshops and other meetings and
(c) to present and award extraordinary new contributions to stroke related topics, as well as world of internet and social media supported world wide innovative communication for the benefit of healthy people in a global ageing population for the prevention of stroke attacks and therapeutic achievements during re-organisation and recovery in the complex brain networks after cerebrovascular lesions
(d) to improve cognitive deficits after stroke and prevent secondary deterioration of so called higher brain functions and vascular dementia

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