esrf – Fundings 2015

ESRF Fundings 2015

Congratulations to the
“Wepfer Award Winner 2015″ Prof R. Sacco, USA

R. Sacco -neu2
The “Johann Jacob Wepfer Award” of the ESRF/ESC honors scientists for their outstanding scientific work in the field of cerebrovascular diseases and significant contributions to our knowledge about treatment of acute stroke.

Among many abstracts submissions 20 JUNIOR INVESTIGATOR TRAVEL GRANT
APPLICATIONS have been selected by ESC and ESRF board members.

In addition 21 HIGHLIGHT PRICES will be awarded for best ranked
abstract submissions on basic and clinical research from 14 countries around
the world.

Congratulations to the “Award Winners 2015″!

all winners

Congratulations to the “Travel Grant Winners 2015″


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