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Welcome to the 26. European Stroke Conference in Berlin 24 -26 May 2017!

After the most  successful 25 years anniversary meeting in Venice with increasing numbers of international participants from all around the globe, the ESC will be hosted in Berlin, Germany´s capital f since our founding conference in 1990 in Düsseldorf. We will continue to prepare a highly scientific and educational program covering new science beyond stroke ( stroke and coexisting diseases, stroke and neuro-degeneration  in aging populations, interdisciplinary clinical cooperation in acute stroke and stroke rehabilitation etc) with world experts in the field of stroke and concomitant  research from Europe and all other continents. We are preparing special sessions with chairpersons from countries with non-native speaking participants to facilitate communication and discussion, will set new standards for  active “online only participation” for those who cannot travel to Berlin ( first and very successfully offered last year ) and thanks to a tremendous funding of the European Stroke Research Foundation offer more Travel Grants and Junior Awards for excellent submission than ever.

Please find the Preliminary Programm Overview for the 26. European Stroke Conference in Berlin, Germany 2017 ( 1. version 18 November 2016)

Programm Overview

Please visit our website from time to time, or join us on Facebook and Twitter – we keep you informed and we are looking forward to see you in Berlin!

Please keep an eye on the preliminary program to be presented, regular updates on Abstract submission is still possible for “late breaking news and ongoing trials” !

Important Dates:
Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 January 2017 for regular abstracts
Abstract Submission Deadline: 15 March 2017 for late breaking news an ongoing trials

Deutschsprachige Fortbildung bei der ESC in Berlin:

Langzeitbehandlung und Rehabilitation nach Schlaganfall: Heiße Themen für die Praxis

Die European Stroke Konferenz  (ESC) wird auf Ihrer Jahrestagung in Berlin neben dem internationalen Hauptprogramm  für einen Tag (Freitag 26.Mai) ein deutschsprachiges Programm zu Aspekten der Langzeitbehandlung und Rehabilitation nach Schlaganfall anbieten.
Dieses wendet sich an niedergelassene  Ärzte, Physio-Ergo-und Sprachtherapeuten sowie Psychologen und natürlich auch Pflegende, die alltäglich mit der Langzeitbehandlung von Schlaganfallpatienten  befaßt  sind.

Wir  würdigen damit  dass diese Berufsgruppen die Hauptlast in der Versorgung postakuter und chronischer Schlaganfallpatienten tragen. Ohne Ihren stetigen Einsatz würde jede vernünftige Nachsorge zusammenbrechen. In diesem Programmteil  werden namhafte Experten mit Praxiserfahrung  den aktuellen Stand von Therapieoptionen in einer didaktisch aufbereiteten offenen workshop Atmosphäre vorstellen und  mit den Teilnehmern diskutieren.

Dieser Programmteil  kann separat mit einem Spezial 1 Tag Ticket gebucht werden. Selbstverständlich  ist  für  Teilnehmer am Hauptprogramm auch an dieser Programmteil  eingeschlossen!

Date: 26 May 2017
Time:8:00 – 9:00
Room: Salon 4

Please download the PDF file:  ESC2017_Flyer A6_dt. Track_10.2.


Abstract submission topics 2017:

Etiology of stroke and risk factors
Epidemiology of stroke and stroke treatment
Acute stroke: clinical patterns and new concepts (hypothermia, neuroprotection, inflammation etc.); interventional acute treatment; prehospital management, stroke units, global aspects; chronic stroke conditions
Intracerebral/subarachnoid haemorrhage and venous diseases
Small vessel stroke and white matter disease
Stroke prognosis and prevention including best medical treatment and personalized medicine
Neurointerventional management  and neuroimaging (vascular and brain imaging)
Neuropsychology and -psychiatry after stroke
Vascular surgery and neurosurgery
Experimental and translational stroke research including genetics
Heart and brain
Miscellaneous (e.g. economics, metabolic disorders, stroke and oncology)
Interesting and challenging cases
Rehabilitation and reorganisation after stroke: experimental and clinical aspects
Nursing and physiotherapy in acute and chronic stroke management
Large Clinical Trials (RCTs), meta-analysis and reviews
Ongoing Trials

Welcome to Berlin…

We thank “Berlin Convention” for this image movie!

We thank “Berlin Convention” for this image movie!

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