The ESC celebrates its 25. Conference in Venice, Italy in 2016 with an exciting programme, many NEWS and HIGHLIGHTS in structure and topics!
In the tradition of the ESC we will keep what made the conference so outstanding and worth to attend, eg. an International Stroke Forum for presentation and discussion of original research in oral and electronic poster sessions: NEW E-Poster Workshops will open for an improved Author-Expert-Audience communication.
The European Stroke Conference presents joint sessions with international societies representing European Cardiology, Hypertension, NeuroRehabilitation, etc. Expert Rounds will tackle difficult issues of patient care not covered by evidence based guidelines “DAILY STROKE NEWS” during breakfast time will provide Take-Home Messages!

25. ESC in Venice, Italy 2016 – what will you expect…

Listen to the interviews from the “Makers” – ESC Chair Prof. M. G. Hennerici, Germany and the ESC Pogramme Committee Members“: Prof. V. Hömberg, Germany and Prof. P.-J.Touboul, France

The ESC is financially independant from any profit-oriented organisations!

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